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Gönderen Konu: The Test Of Imaan  (Okunma sayısı 493 defa)

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The Test Of Imaan
« : 25 Aralık 2009, 16:29:31 »
The Test Of Imaan
Imaan will not be tested in the Musjid because a Musjid is not a place for the testing of Imaan. It would obviously be very easy to be pious and abstain from sins therein. The testing grounds of Imaan are the streets, universities, bazaars and businesses.
What kind of Imaan do we display, if we indulge in illicit relationships at the high schools, universities, etc., if we cast lustful glances at every woman who passes by us on the streets and if we cheat our customers, commit fraud and employ semi-nude women to work along side us in our businesses, believing that by employing them we will be saving on salary?
Know that at such places our Imaan will definitely be tested. At such times we have to project and assert our Imaan and Islam. If the person passes the tests here, then indeed this person has tasted of the sweetness of Imaan.

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